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Is Your Toms River Beauty Salon At Risk Of Mold Damage?

9/22/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on wall For help with mold damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Toms River at (732) 349-9898.

Toms River Business Owners Are Keen To Avoid Mold Damage?

If you have a beauty salon in Toms River, you know that creating a welcoming environment is vital. You want your clients to feel at home from the moment they step in the door, and of course, you want your business to look and feel professional.

Mold damage in a Toms River salon is not good for your reputation, because:
    •    Mold makes a building look unkempt
    •    The fungus has a distinctive unpleasant smell
    •    Fungal growth often occurs at the same time as other visible signs of damp problems, such as water stains or peeling wallpaper

How does mold grow?
Mold is a naturally-occurring fungus that is present throughout nature. Mold feeds on organic materials such as:
    •    Wood, including window and door frames
    •    Paper products such as appointment books, magazines, or wallpaper
    •    Cloth and textiles such as aprons, chair covers, and towels
    •    Certain paints and adhesives?
In addition to a food source, mold also requires moisture, oxygen, and the correct temperature (between 77 – 86 degrees Fahrenheit.)

How does mold spread?
Mold spores can survive in conditions that mold cannot grow in. When they find the right conditions, they can start propagating. Mold spores are microscopic, which means they can easily travel on air currents, your staff’s uniforms, and your customers’ clothes and bags. When the spores find a hospitable environment, they can grow a new colony.

Is my salon at risk of mold damage?
Salons provide plenty of moisture in the form of hair washing stations, basins, and liquid products. And there is plenty of organic material available for mold spores to grow. A salon can provide a suitable breeding ground for mold, so it is essential to be vigilant.

How can SERVPRO help?
Our teams include mold remediation specialists who can assist you with any fungal problems. SERVPRO will assess the situation, set up containment so spores cannot escape, and clean up the mold.

Because mold occurs naturally, we cannot prevent it from returning. However, we can dry your salon and take care of any problem areas that are attracting mold. We can also give you tips on making your salon less attractive to mold in the future.

For help with mold damage in your business, call SERVPRO of Toms River at (732) 349-9898.

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